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Teddy Cooper

Technology is changing, and I’m here to change with it.

Teddy’s Topics

My name is Teddy Cooper, and I help techie geeks and non-techies by uniquely sharing information so that we all can benefit!

I’ve been passionate about technology since I was a 10-year-old, creating my surround sound (before it was cool and widely available) and remote volume controls on the old rotary dial TVs. So, I knew that one day, I would be able to enjoy helping my readers achieve their future goals.

Being a military brat, it seemed that every time I started learning and sharing things, the time would end because we had to travel to a new place. As a result, maintaining friendships that lasted more than three years wasn’t very easy.

After we moved a couple of times, it finally dawned on me around middle school that instead of being blue about moving around so much, I could learn something cool at one place and then pass it on to someone else at the next stop!

Man, I was happy that I stumbled on that one. After the next couple of visits, I found out that I learned more as I shared more. What a concept!

I am winding down on the 9 to 5 thing after years in engineering and different facets of technology; of course, schooling in Electronic Engineering Technology , BS in Computer Information Systems, MBA, and MS in Information Technology was a part of that journey! The time has come to share that knowledge and continue learning, as we never stop!

Sound good! Come with me, and we will experience this journey together!!!! Make sure to check out my most popular posts while you’re here.